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Over the last few weeks, I have been studying numerous online resources about portrait photography settings, specifically aperture, shutter speed and ISO. I particularly liked this one. I felt like she explained the different settings clearly and simply, with 1-2 sentence summaries at the end of each detailed explanation.

I also really enjoy this photographer’s blog. She grammatically writes well and covers many helpful topics such as explaining the difference between RAW and JPEG images, post-processing techniques and tips for shooting lifestyle photographs. I love her style of photography as well.

I am currently practicing with these different settings and trying to find the right exposure and sharpness that I like in photographs. It is certainly tricky at first because I haven’t found one set setting, and I’m not sure if there is one. Every background and location is different, each time of the day casts different lighting, and every subject is different. Hopefully, I can adjust quickly and become more accustomed to easily changing the settings and find the right exposure as I work through a session.

This is a picture that I took today, without any editing:


SS 1/400, f4.6, ISO 100

I would have liked for it to be less yellow-tinted, so now I need to work on finding the right white balance.



Hello there

Hello. My name is Kendra. I have created this blog simply as a portfolio and journal to document my growth in photography. It is an experimental hobby which I have had for over 13 years, when I got my first non-disposable camera. It was a Canon, of course.

I love capturing memories and moments that may pass too quickly while you’re in them. However, I have so much to learn. I anxiously look forward to developing in the artistic and nostalgic world of photography. You’re more than welcome to follow me along on this new adventure.